Three Jihadists Call on French Muslims to Support ISIL

A recent online video released by ISIL (Daech) shows three mujahideen addressing French Muslims and calling on them to join the fight in Syria or to commit attacks on French soil.

The Public Prosecutor’s department has opened an investigation on the basis of “criminal association in connection with a criminal enterprise,” “possession of a weapon in connection with a terrorist enterprise” and “incitement of terrorist acts using communication services.” The latter qualification has been created by the new antiterrorism law which was established November 13.

The seven-minute video was posted on jihadi Internet forums and drew the attention of the center for surveillance of radical Islamist websites. It appeared three days after the group posted the online video of Peter Kassig’s murder, in which two Frenchmen are present. They have since been identified as Maxime Hauchard and Mickael Dos Santos.

The three men, who call themselves Abu Osama al-Faranci, Abu Maryam al-Faranci and Abu Salman al-Faranci, are openly filmed and are seen burning their French passports.