The Story of Semra: arrested and imprisoned as a victim of a jihad recruiter

In March 2013 Semra, 16 at the time, was arrested on the airport, while she was in the company of Imad el O. The two are suspected to be going to Syria, although Semra claims they wanted to go to Egypt to get married there and to study. It was Semra’s niece who told the police this. Imad el O. and her friend Shukri F. appeared allready in court. Imad el O. because he took her from her parental house and Shukri F. because she is said to try to convince Semra to become a jihad-bride.

For 1.5 years Semra stayed in a youth institution, which she herself describes as detention. She lived there mainly with loverboy victims. She was told not to speak about Islam.

Semra still wants to leave the Netherlands, together with Imad el O., maybe to Morocco. She is angry, saying that the police and childcare services knew about her situation at home, knowing that she had a lot of fights with her parents. But the treated her ‘like a dog.’ She says she was not recruited for the jihad, she ran away from home because of the problems with her parents.