Jihadist Video Threatening French “massacres”

In an online video called “Message of the Mujahid” (Message of the Fighter), the Islamic State continued to call for attacks against the members of the coalition conducting airstrikes in Iraq and Syria.


This time the threat comes from a Frenchmen who presents himself as a jihadist. The video has yet to be authenticated by French authorities and the Minister of the Interior refused to comment. However Romain Caillet, a research specialist on Islamists, revealed that this jihadist has previously appeased in a video documenting the life of foreign fighters in Raqa, Iraq.


In the recent video the man speaks in a heavy Southern France accent and addresses France and its government, “We are going to give a message to France regarding the strikes in Iraq and Syria. We have warned you, you are at war against the Islamic State. We are people whose victory is assured by God,” he declared.


“Look what’s happened throughout the world, they have gathered against us. Why? Because we defend Islam and we want to enforce the law of Allah. We defend the blood of Muslims. They have gathered against us to kill us. It’s not us who are criminals (sic), it’s the cowards who drop bombs from the sky…We will take revenge for all the brothers you have killed…You think you’re safe…Whether in France or in all countries…We will appeal to all the brothers living in France to kill any civilian…You will never be safe. You will regret it,” he repeated.


The second part of the message is in Arabic. This is the second time that France has been directly threatened by the Islamic State after the kidnapping and assassination of Hervé Gourdel.