Journalist Natacha Pologny: Dignity of French Muslims, Multiculturalist Ambiguities

In a recent article, Natacha Pologny writes that “after the shock and awe…after the proclamations of national unity and talk about ‘the first death of the war’…comes reflections and questions. Not to create controversy but because emotions should not prohibit politics [from functioning], that’s to say the choice of a nation based on the public interest.”

Pologny states that the first danger of the conflict with ISIS is the “confrontation of two worlds, that of the West and of the Caliphate. It is too late, henceforth, to challenge the intervention in Iraq, but is it too late to ask, as Renaud Girard did, that we define clear objectives that leave us a chance to win the war?”

She continues that “the second risk…is to see mad people weaken, by a delusional and wild act, the delicate fabric of our national community.” She believes these risks are more dangerous because tensions already exist surrounding “identity” and “community” in France that are “the fruit of forty years of abandonment of republican integration.”