Chauprade, FN MEP: Islam is “not assimilable” in France

Aymeric Chauprade, the MEP and special advisor to Marine Le Pen in international affairs, stated in an interview with Causeur, that “Muslims are assimilable, but Islam is not,” in France.

“Islam spread very rapidly, to the detriment of all old civilizations, more by fear than by military victory. Besides, I don’t know any Islamic scholar that distinguishes Islam from political Islam (that’s to say from Islamism!) because Islam is political in essence,” he said.

He added that the population “identifies with the oumma (the Islamic nation) more than with France. It’s France’s major problem today.” He continued, “One must be blind to not see that Western Europe is in danger of ‘Islamization’ due to the combination of massive immigration (quantitative phenomenon) and a virulent revival of Islam (qualitative phenomenon),” he said.

In a 2011 interview with La Croix, Marine Le Pen stated that she believed Islam was “compatible with the Republic.” However Chauprade believes that there are “a certain number of people who don’t want to enter into French history, that’s to say to adhere to the fundamentals of our civilization.” He concluded that such people who “choose Salafism or the burqa should go back to their countries of origin.”