Video: Frenchman suspected of taking children to fight jihad

A French woman has reported that her 3-year-old daughter, Jana, was kidnapped by her father and taken to Syria to fight alongside jihadists. The girl’s mother suspects that her ex partner Eddy Leroux and his new girlfriend Jihane took her daughter. She expected Jana home in August and filed a report after she received no contact from Leroux.

Friends of Eddy and Jihane report that the couple has become increasingly radicalized in the last few months, “with one daughter no longer allowed to dance or swim.”

“There is a real danger,” said Prime Minister Manuel Valls. “It is the greatest threat we have faced for decades. It is a threat to our interests and our citizens.”

European countries, especially France, are worried that radicals within their territories will leave to fight in Syria and return to “launch attacks at home.” The French government is expected this week to propose new legislation that will prevent “aspiring jihadists” from leaving French territory.

The government has already instituted anti-terrorist measures in April which include monitoring of “Islamist websites” and can extend as far as revoking French nationality. A hotline was also started so that friends and family of suspected jihadists can call and report if their friend or family member is travelling abroad.