Muslim associations condemn “Shariah Police”

Ayman Mazyek, chair of the central council of Muslims in Germany condemned the self-announced “Shariah Police” of Wuppertal. The strange actions of the Salafi activists would harm Islam being incompatible with Islamic values.

The “Shariah Police” was created by the preacher and convert Sven Lau from Mönchengladbach. The “Shariah Police” has included Salafi activists, patrolling in the city of Wuppertal advising young people how to behave conform to religious rules and norms. The Social Democratic Minister of Interior of North-Rhine Westphalia Jäger has called the police authorities to collect the uniforms of the “Shariah Police”. The Christian Democratic Federal Minister of Interior de Maiziere (CDU) declared a “zero tolerance policy” towards the “Shariah Police.”