The “Islamic State” in Germany

August 16, 2014

The terror of the Islamic and State and Levante (ISIL) has been the focus of German public and media. Politicians and security authorities have raised their concern, with regards to recent religious based conflicts in some German cities. In Herford, jihadi adherents supporting ISIL attacked and injured members of the Yezidi minority living in Germany. The Yezidi were protesting for the protection of their religious community, which has been threatened and attacked in Iraq.

While Gemany´s political class is debating whether or not to engage in Iraq, a domestic political debate rises about the proper security measures towards ISIL and its adherents in Germany. Ulla Jelple, domestic speaker of the left-wing party (die Linke) argued in favor of a legal ban. The domestic political speaker of the conservative Christian Democratic Party (CDU) Wolfgang Bosbach demanded tighter legal measures for terrorist associations. A high ranking security officer from Northrhine-Westphalia welcomed the idea to extend possible legal ban procedures as “very helpful”. Legally, ISIL cannot be banned as there is no structure meaning no association, which would be recognized and identified as such. Other politicians introduced the suggestion to deport “extremist” foreigners, who have been recognized as members of ISIL. Volker Kauder (CDU) expressed his concerns about an import of the Iraq conflict to Germany demanding a stronger commitment of Muslim associations against radicalism and violence.