Political Candidate Alleged to be Collecting Voting Cards at Dutch Mosque

March 12, 2014


A political candidate in the Netherlands’ local elections has been accused of collecting voting cards at a mosque in the city of Soest. Police have begun an investigation into the allegations about Osman Suna, after broadcaster Pownews filmed him at a local mosque asking for voting cards and copies of id papers from people who did not plan to vote. No news sources report the nature of the connection, if any, between Suna and the mosque.

It is illegal under Dutch electoral law for party activists to offer to cast votes on the behalf of voters.

Osman Suna initially resigned from his post as PvA leader in Soest following the allegation. However, he later decided not to give up his post after all, and is reported to be considering a court case against the federal party leader Diederik Samsom.

Another potential case is under investigation in the Heusden municipality, though it is not clear which party is involved.


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