Video about the departure of Jihadist fighters from Ceuta to Syria

February 15, 2014


Rachdi Babi is an example of a Jihadist fighter departing from Ceuta to be a martyr in Syria.

In the video we watch him giving graces, saying farewell to his family and friends and announcing his immolation in Syria for the sake of his brothers.

He travels to his death by the streets of Syria until he bumps against a head quarter killing 130 people.

The video caught the attention of the police already in July and since then they have been observing the area of Ceuta, as the most individuals departure from there to Syria.

Two journalists give an account of the socio-economical conditions in Ceuta that may be the roots of this phenomenon.

The last known case of a jihadist from Ceuta being killed in Syria is a teenager of 16 years old.