Prosecutors ask for 1 month’s arrest and 100-euro fine for Santanchè

November 18, 2013


Prosecutors asked that Daniela Santanchè who organized an unauthorized demonstration be jailed for a month and fined € 100. The anti-burka demonstration outside of Milan’s Muslim cultural center was conducted on September 20, 2009. The prosecutor also asked that a 2000-euro fine be instituted against an Egyptian, Ahmed El Badry, who allegedly punched Santanchè the then deputy of the political party Movement for Italy.

Daniela Santanchè is both defendant and the injured party, and by all accounts she was the “promoter” of that event and never sent a “formal communication” required by law. The event was held on the closing day of Ramadan and which was attended by protestors against the use of the Muslim burqa, which was defined in the courtroom as a “a portable prison.” Allegedly, Santanchè attempted to unveil some women angering Muslim men around her.

The representative of the prosecution, is asking for a month’s arrest and a fine of € 100. However, the judge specified the offense is a misdemeanor; he then pointed out that the then leader of the Movement for Italy deserves the granting of extenuating circumstances.

Contrastingly, the Egyptian who that day had allegedly hit Santanchè which took her to the hospital did not deserve extenuating circumstances stating that he did not have a reason to strike. Daniela Santanchè, in her testimony, repeated the version of the story she has always stated. She went during the prayer for the end of Ramadan, to see “in person” if Muslim women respected the “law of the Italian State,” which proscribes women from covering their faces.