Halloween in Schools: “A Holiday Like any other?”

October 29, 2013


“Halloween is a holiday that appeals to children and celebrated in all the schools.” However a school in Tavernerio tries to diminish the controversy triggered by the statements of Father Agostino Clerici who at first sharply criticized the Halloween party at the primary school and then, on his blog, argued with a teacher who “stated the school’s intention to allow a recitation on the occasion of Christmas, but avoid naming Jesus, in order to comply with two Muslim students.”

“Halloween is a holiday like any other and is celebrated in all the schools. As for Christmas, Jesus and the crib have a different meaning for non-Catholic boys from the Muslim world,” says Samuela Romanò, Vice Executive of the school.


La Provincia: http://www.laprovinciadicomo.it/stories/Cronaca/halloween-a-scuola-festa-come-unaltra_1030053_11/