Dutch Lawyer Asks for Reconsideration of Geert Wilders’ Trial for Inciting Hatred

October 22, 2013

With reference to a 2011 case in which a Dutch court found politician Geert Wilders not guilty of inciting hatred against Muslims, lawyer Gerard Sprong has asked the court for a reconsideration. The ruling of the earlier case, which developed as a response to Wilders’ anti-Islam statements and the release of his online movie Fitna, will not be affected and there is no question of Wilders receiving punishment. Rather, Sprong is requesting a clear ruling on whether Wilders was guilty of discrimination and inciting hatred with an eye to similar future cases, he told TV programme Pauw & Witteman.

Dutch News: http://www.dutchnews.nl/news/archives/2013/10/lawyer_wants_wilders_inciting.php