Muslims pray for the dead off of the coast of Lampedusa: “The Bossi-Fini Laws are absurd”

Cagliari Muslims will pray tomorrow for the victims of those who died off the coast of Lampedusa. The announcement came from Silaman Hjiazi, spokesman who said, “Tomorrow’s prayer is dedicated to those who have vanished in the waters of Lampedusa.


After hearing the horrible news of yet another boat sinking, it is dishonorable that the Italian government and the European government has yet to find a solution, the implementation of the Bossi-Fini law is not working, we need a solution to stop these tragedies.


It would be a great gesture on the part of Italy to declare a national day devoted to those who have vanished in the sea and set to work on a law that would address these problems, until then we are all at fault.“