Madonna: Another Conversion this time to Islam?

Much has been made of her in recent times, both for the chain garment that is dropping in various parts of the world, and also for a recent story in an American magazine about her beginnings in New York and her terrible brush with violence upon her arrival.


Today more talk about Madonna, the undisputed queen of pop, according to rumors she is busy studying the Koran and may be close to a possible conversion to Islam, this after conversion in 1996 to the Jewish Kabbalah.


This likely comes from her relationship with the young Algerian Brahim Zaibat, who she has been with since 2010 according to the media gossip and provides another important clue. The picture, which is immortalized, was taken outside of a Turkish mosque she wearing a headscarf. Are we finally facing the last change of mind of Miss Ciccone (her Catholic conversion name)?