Immigrants: Imam Catania Makes Plea for Cemetery in Catania

(Adnkronos) – “We are still sad, our hearts cry for the innocent victims of Lampedusa, we pray for their souls so that these people can rest in peace. For many years we ask the cemetery for us Muslims. We are in trouble, and I know that in Catania, for example, the city administration is working very hard to make it happen. Right now in the south of Italy there is just a cemetery for Muslims in Reggio Calabria.” Said the Imam of Catania, Mufid Abu Touq , emphasizing the difficulties of sending bodies back to their country of origin. “Normally for our dead we ship them to their country of origin. But this costs around 3-4 thousand euro, and not everyone can deal with this expense and so some are buried in local Christian cemeteries, although this, to tell the truth” he concludes “is against the rules of Islam.”