Reactions to the final report about the right-wing terrorist “National Socialist Underground”

August 22


The council of Muslims in Germany has described the results of the recently published report about the „National Social Underground“ NSU, as a sign for increased racism and Xenophobia in Germany. According to the Muslim association, anti-Muslim stereotypes in media explain the trend towards Xenophobic violence. The council of Muslims asks for an anti-racism commissioner who inspects the education of police and security authorities in Germany, reporting the results to the public. The police and security authorities have been heavily criticized in the NSU report for underestimating right-wing terrorism. Warning calls were simply ignored. In the first phase of the murder series, the authorities focused only at the social and cultural environment of the victims, suspecting criminal foreigners.


In the 2000´s, the right-wing terrorist cell NSU murdered one police officer and 9 immigrants in Germany. Most of the immigrants were of Turkish origins.


Report (German)