Piccardo Denounces those who are wrong about Imam

August 12, 2013

“The words uttered years ago by Shaikh Riyad Al Bustanji have been shamefully distorted and manipulated” said Davide Piccardo, the coordinator of the Islamic associations of Milan, discussing the recent stance of the Jewish community against the participation of the Municipality of Milan in Ramadan, due to Imam Al Bustanj’s presence. Imam Al Bustanj “has never” says Piccardo “praised hatred, much less to the martyrdom of children. We have begun a legal proceeding against those responsible for spreading these words citing that these comments support defamation and incitement to racial and religious hatred.”

The participation of the imam in Ramadan festivities in Milan has incited a lot of controversy, including the spokesman of the main synagogue in Milan asking that politicians demand the resignation of the Piccardo, who responded with the letter.