De Corato asks Pisapia to respond to accusations about Imam al Bustanji

“We are still waiting for Pisapia to speak about the participation of the party in celebrations for the end of Ramadan; we want a convincing explanation as to why the City has participated in the celebration despite the fact that the guest of honor was the Imam Al Bustanji, who is known for his interview on Hamas satellite TV in which he revealed that he met a young 10 year old in Gaza and believes they should know about jihad and martyrdom” said Riccardo De Corato (from the Brothers of Italy), Vice-Chairman of the City Council of Milan.

Clarifications from Pisapia are not only demanded by the opposition, but also by the Jewish community which has spoken up about the error of the municipality. “Even the mayor, Gabbai, a member of the majority, should give an explanation. Yet all is silent, not a word which is shameful” explained De Corato.

“This comes after the disgrace of a visa denied to Limonta and his entire family which Pisapia said he would clear but then did nothing. Earlier still, there was the U.S. consulate’s designation of Milan as a city that is unsafe and dangerous and now, in addition to all of these missteps, the City celebrates with an imam who is a friend of Hamas. This is the image that Milan is giving abroad: a city collaborating with extremists.”