Minister of Integration considers the position of the Northern League on Islam as “dangerous”

July 30, 2013

The Minister of Integration, Cécile Kyenge, “affirms that the notion that the Islamic population wants to impose Islam on the Italian civilization and this is dangerous.” said Lorenzo Fontana, leader of the Northern League in the European Parliament, just before Kyenge’s visit to the European Parliament in Verona scheduled for next Sunday. “The Northern League” says Fontana “challenges Kyenge and the EU parliment. The European Parliament has stated that it wants to abolish the crime of illegal immigration and to teach, by law, Italian children Arabic, so they are able to integrate better with their classmates from the Arab world.” Fontana also reiterates opposition to integration is different than in other part of the world especially in under populated countries that need new citizens. Fontana asserts that “this is not the case in Italy and in the Veneto region, where the population density is high and young people are unemployed or underemployed.”

For his part, another Northern League Minister, Mario Borghezio, says that inviting Kyenge to party functions as “laudable and understandable” but also “unnecessary.” For Borghezio “the League militants who are hard-core – even electorally – are the living soul of the Movement and do not change even in response to acts or invitations.” “Racism” concludes the minister “does not matter at all: it is just a matter of Northern common sense.”