The number of Muslims in Galicia doubles since the 2008 census

In total there are 14, 296 Muslims residing in the Galician community, according to the latest population census of the Union of Islamic Communities in Spain (UCIDE), which is more than double of the 6,709 recorded by the organization in its balance of 2008. Still they only represent 1% of the total of Muslim population in Spain.
The region of Galicia counts with circa 20 mosques plus other 18 community centers also related with the Islamic faith. The Islamic community in La Coruna Mosque, the Abou Baker Arteixo and Vilaboa Mohammed Mosque (Pontevedra) are three of the Mosques concentrating more North African population in Galicia. In fact the Morrocan community is the largest with 6.743 citizens followed at large distance in numbers by Senegalese, Argelian, Nigerian, and Pakistani communities.