The Islamic community of Bilbao protests against the places of worship law

14 June 2013
More than a hundred members of the Bilbao Muslim community expressed their dissatisfaction about the new law ruling the places of worship during a demonstration at the esplanade of the Guggenheim Museum.
According to the law which is to be approved at the end of the month, no mosque or other type place of worship can be located in the city of Bilbao, pushing all new construction on the outskirts of the town.
A spokesman for the Muslim community, Othman Gomez Kortazar, considered the law a “serious attack” to the Islamic community and to all other religions. “The City Hall does not want to see in Bilbao people with different customs and beliefs” complained Gomez to the reporters.
He also lamented the unwillingness of the City Hall to dialogue and to try to reach a solution with the Muslim organizations. The president of the Al Furkan, Moulay Idriss Sadiki, demanded respect for  freedom of worship.