Islam in Schools? Cantone what do you think? Asks deputy governor Michele Guerra

June 4, 2013


Michele Guerra gran consigliere for the Northern League, raises awareness about education of Islam in schools to the Canton government and raises questions about Islam in Ticino.


The deputy refers in particular an interview appeared recently through the Cdt to an Ticino Imam. The Imam confirmed that Islam is a reality in Europe and due to this it should be taught in public schools to stop prejudice acts and worse, terrorism.


According to Guerra this proposition is “disconcerting.”


Islam, explains Guerra, “represents a recent minority especially for Ticino. In the second place, it’s not certain that education in public schools would deter acts of vandalism or terrorism.”


Guerra, who is against teaching Islam in schools, he has appealed to the State government to stop the Imam’s proposition.