Islamedia interviewed the imam and president of the Union of Islamic Communities of Spain, Mr. Riay Tatary.

13 May 2013


Islamedia interviewed  the imam and president of the Union of Islamic Communities of Spain, Mr. Riay Tatary.

I- What is the Islamic religious perspective of terrorism?

RT-Both the Koran and the Sunna express prohibition and condemnation of the grave sin of killing another human being, this transgression being matched and related to genocide and crimes against humanity. (…)Therefore, terrorism and criminal acts against civilians are clearly declared contrary to Islamic faith (…).

I-There seems to be confusion in defining a terrorist attack, in your opinion, how could we define terrorism?

RT-Any aggression against civilian or military targets by individuals or armed groups is reputedly terrorism (…).

I-Although terrorism is motivated by political extremism reasons why does it seem that the speech of Muslim terrorists is more loaded with religious vocabulary?

RT-Muslims are well aware that assaulting and endangering the life of others goes against the law of God, so to attract followers violent extremists distort the Word of God and make evil seem like good (…). Pretending that a cruel slaughter is considered a legitimate defense, or a minor jihad has caused today talk of “jihadist terrorism” to be a reference to this false speech. Falsifying the message of the Creator to the humanity to such a degree and consequences is a serious sin against God and human beings.

I-The general public has the impression that Muslims keep in silenceabout the terrorist attacks. Do they not condemn the attacks or are they not given enough publicity when they make such public condemnation?

RT-The Union of Islamic Communities of Spain, (…), has always condemned terrorism and attacks, with more emphasis in 2001 and 2004, however we cannot failing force the national press to reflect our press notes over the years, but they are available for anyone who wants to be properly documented.

I-For several years, some accused the imams and mosques to be the source of extremism. Has the population changed this perception?

RT-It has been changing and citizens realize that from the temples, including mosques, peace and brotherhood has been preached, and that the true breeding ground for violent extremists are the closed small groups who do not frequent the mosques (…).

I- How do you see the coexistence of Spanish Muslim communities with the rest of society?

RT-Overall there is a correct coexistence between neighbors of different religions, except in some specific cases municipalities where the public opinion has been poisoned therefore creating animosity between neighbors and Islamophobic fears about the opening of mosques (…).