NSU right-wing terrorism – reaction to the trial

May 14

Coordinated by the coordination council of Muslims, Muslim associations have sent their representatives to attend the trial of the right-wing terrorist cell of the National Socialist Underground (NSU). The coordination council of Muslims represents the Islamic culture centers, the  Turkish Islamic Union for the Institute of Religion, the Islam council and the central council for Muslims.  Aiman Mazyek, the representative of the Central council of Muslims and speaker of the coordination council of Muslims spoke about a historical trial, which would demonstrate how desperate the security conditions of Muslims is. Mazyek added that racism against foreigners Muslims has been existing for a long time. Media coverage lacking objectivity has contributed to an increased hatred against Muslims and immigrants. The State should prove to what extent the authorities have failed to stop the terrorist trio of the NSU.


Turkish media such as Haber Türk, titled “Nazi woman posing like Hitler. Most Turkish newspaper related the trial with the social and political environment in Germany, asking how Germany would face the Nazi challenge. Other newspapers such as the Sabah have asked to what extent right-wing groups undermine the German State cooperating with Nazi groups.  Prior to the trial, Turkish media was aggrieved as it was not given a seat in the court. Hence the rule of the Constitutional Court forced the appellate court in Munich to open up the lottery for media seats, providing a fair share for every media representatives.