The Righteous Muslim Exhibition to Open in Bloomsbury

17 April 2013


The Board of Deputies of British Jews is set to open “The Righteous Muslim Exhibition,” recognizing the efforts of Muslims to save Jews from the Holocaust during WWII. Located in Bloomsbury, central London, the exhibition will display 70 photographs of Muslims who helped hide Jews from the Nazis and will chronicle their individual stories. It is hoped that the exhibition will inspire more research into Muslim-Jewish cooperation and educate the young members of both communities.


Fiyaz Mughal, director of Faith Matters, applauded the exhibition, suggesting that it would challenge the notion, increasingly held in the Jewish community, that most Muslims supported the Nazi treatment of the Jews. In an interview with the BBC, Rabbi Natan Levy, exhibition coordinator, said, “This program provides a unique bridge between the two communities so that they can celebrate together, remember together, and not be driven further apart.”


The exhibition will be held at the Bloomsbury office of the Board of Deputies of British Jews: 6 Bloomsbury Square, London, Greater London.