Femen Activists and „Topless Jihad Day“ in Germany

April 8


Femen activists initiated a campaign called “Topless Jihad Day”, demonstrating for the rights of Muslim women in European countries such as Germany. On April 4th, activists gathered in front of some mosques and the Tunisian embassy in Berlin, showing posters with the slogan “Fuck your morals” and “Free Amina”. A Muslim preacher had demanded the death of Amina Tyler after her naked photo was released on social networks such as Facebook.


However, an initiative called “Muslim women against Femen” does not agree with the protest action of Femen. Muslim women have written an open letter against the activism of Femen, which would illustrate a picture of Muslim women desperately “waiting for emancipation”. Having initiated an online campaign named “Muslimah Pride day”, Muslim women against Femen argue that women activists should protest “against the dominance of men instead of Islam.”