French imams condemn Cameroon hostage taking


Le Figaro

Members of the Muslim community of Montpellier, central France, have launched an appeal to free the seven French hostages and all other hostages taken by members by Muslim extremists in Cameroon. The appeal was joined by the Imam of the mosque in Montpellier-Mosson, the Association of Mosson and the Mosque Association of Louis Raven.

Mohammed Khai, leader of the Association of Mosson, declared that “it is time to say stop to the ravages in the name of religion”.

“Gay Muslims are Muslims too”


Rue 89

Tareq Oubrou, the imam of Bordeaux, opposes homophobia and the state sanctioned persecution of homosexuals in Muslim majority states. The imam wants to disassociate Islam with homophobia and anti-semetism by calling for more tolerance towards homosexuals in general, as well as homosexual Muslims.

Oubrou states that the practice of homosexuality isn’t approved by the Quran but gay Muslims are still Muslims in their own right. He argues that the seven Muslim majority states the practice of homosexuality with the death penalty base their jurisdiction upon unverified hadiths.

Seven dumpsters are placed in front of a Mosque

22 February 2013

The president of the Islamic Community Ibicenco-Maghrebi, Redouan Elkharrim, denounced yesterday the installation of seven dumpsters at the gates of the mosque of Navarra de Vila Street, an action he said to ignore why it happened but that he considered “fairly provocative toward Islam.” The City Council, however, said they have changed the location of the deposits as a matter of “health”, since so far they were located at the doors of establishments such as greengrocers.
However, the Counselor for the Environment, Juan Mayans, said that they were ​​available to talk with the President of the Islamic community “in case he wanted to talk” about this issue.

Dutch Politician Cancels Speech in Australia

19 February 2013


Dutch politician Geert Wilders, known for his anti-Islam platform, has cancelled a speech planned during his visit to Australia. Wilders’ speech was cancelled when no venue in Perth was willing to host the event. During a press conference Wilders reiterated his view that Islam cannot be integrated into western societies. Although some 40 people appeared to protest Wilders’ speech in Melbourne last week, none were present at the press conference. Muslim and other organizations had encouraged individuals not to protest the event but rather to ignore Wilders’ presence.