Netherlands Raises Terror Threat Level From Limited to Substantial

March 13 2013


The Dutch National Counterterrorist and Safety Coordinator (NCTV) has raised the threat of a terror attack in the Netherlands from “limited” to “substantial”. The government’s anti-terror organization made the announcement on the grounds that increased risk stems from radicalized individuals returning to the country from fighting in the Middle East, specifically Syria. In a statement the NCTV said, “the number of those jihadists travelling from the Netherlands to Syria has rapidly increased… There is a risk that those who travel for jihad pick up experience in conflict areas and upon return to the Netherlands form a threat because they could come back radicalized, traumatized and willing to commit violence.”


In related coverage, immediately preceding the elevation of the national threat level, Nos television reported that up to 100 Dutch Muslims are currently fighting in Syria and other countries such as Afghanistan and Somalia.  According to Nos, the Netherlands is one of the biggest suppliers of European fighters, some affiliated with the Al Nusra movement which aims to create an Islamic state in Syria.