New website of the UCIDE (Union of Islamic Communities of Spain)

The UCIDE (Union of Islamic Communities of Spain) has a new website covering news, articles, researches, activities in both Spanish and Arabic language. Videos, such of the last Islamic Congress of Catalonia are available on the site.


The communities included in the Union are:

  • Castilla La mancha
  • Catalonia
  • Ceuta
  • Extremadura
  • Murcia
  • Pais Vasco
  • Rioja
  • Valencia



Demographic, Immigration and Integration studies; Revista Islam (Islamic Magazine), news and books.



The website is completed with videos and photo galleries of the most important Islamic events in Spain.



In an official communicate from the Institution they declare to represent 18 federations that at the same time are a part of the Islamic Spanish Commission by so including 60% of the Islamic religious communities.



The principles are centered in independence of external interferences; coherence and compromise with the Spanish Law and Constitution; representation of all Muslims even the ones not belonging to the UCIDE.