Hamburg Muslim Community inaugurates minarets

Dec 6


The Islamic Ahmadiyya community has inaugurated two minarets for the Bait-ul-Rasheed-mosque in Hamburg-Schnelsen, a district of the North German city. Both minarets are 14 meters high and visible.


Mirza Masroor Ahmad, head of the Ahmadiyya community in London attended the ceremony.  Also, representatives of the Christian and Jewish community of Hamburg, members of the Senate of Hamburg and members of the German parliaments participated at the ceremony.


During his speech, Mirza Masroor Ahmad called Muslims to maintain their loyalty to the State. Unlike other German cities, the construction of the Ahmadiyya mosque was not accompanied by protests. The mosque is open to Muslim and non-Muslim Germans. Asif Malik, speaker of the Ahmadiyya community in Hamburg, expressed the relevance of transparence for the community to decrease fear and mistrust toward Muslims.