The spokesman of the Muslims of Ceuta criticizes “scoundrels” politicians who wear the veil “as electoral strategy”

21 August 2012

The president of the Union of Islamic Communities in Ceuta (Ucidce) Laarbi Maateis, has censored the  “scoundrels political parties and associations ” who “used the hijab – the headscarf – as decoy during electoral campaigns and cause alarm for the rest of the year “after an association that works in defense of gender equality in the two autonomous cities, ‘Búscome’, has termed as “macho” the expressions allegedly discharged by imams who led the prayers at the end of the month of Ramadan.
Maateis has denied, however, that during the prayer such assertions had been made. “During the prayers [attended by about 3,000 people], the imam asked Allah to give our children the faith to wear the hijab according to the conviction and education of each family, no more, because nor a father, or an imam or a head of state may force it to anyone, “warned the President of the UCIDCE.