Measuring Prejudices

June 4, 2012


Attitudes towards Islam are being explored. A study on the public’s attitudes regarding Islam has been started in the wake of a mosque building project in Luleå (a capital of one of the northernmost districts in Sweden).


The idea has been to examine people’s opinions concerning Islam. This is an attempt to build better understanding regarding the Muslim community in the district, which could help the authorities to identify the different (Muslim) community needs. The study has been initiated by the adult educational association – Sensus and Norrbotten County Islamic Center (NiC). “We know from the experience in other parts of the country that racism and intolerance increase with building of mosques. We are therefore initiating some preventive effort by mapping the community’s needs by collecting knowledge (about social attitudes)”, says Anna Waara, a project leader at Sensus. The study should be completed within six months and it will hopefully lead to a longer (research) project thereafter.

Signed: Catharina Isberg