The new wave of Moroccan immigrants in Spain, is young and better prepared

16 June 2012
The “new wave” of Moroccan immigrants arriving in Spain and in the rest of Europe are mostly young, most of them from upper-middle class, and with better qualifications, explained Douglas Massey, a demographer at Princeton University, USA.
Massey, a professor in the Department of Sociology at Princeton and speaker of a seminar on Moroccan immigration organized by the University of Navarra, has highlighted the fact that Spain has already surpassed France as the country of destination for migrants from the North African country.
These young migrants, stressed the sociologist, are better trained, very different from the “peasant workers” who came to Spain from Morocco in recent decades, Massey also pointed out that in Canada and in the United States it is “clear” that these migrants are now “more qualified and more professional.”