CFCM President says ‘civilizations’ debate in France is finished

News Agencies – February 9, 2012

Mohammed Moussaoui, head of the CFCM (French Council of the Muslim Faith) says the debate on Interior Minister Claude Guéant’s comments that ‘not all civilizations are equal’ is closed. Moussaoui says the controversy serves no one, and they are not interested in propogating it. The CFCM wrote to Guéant asking him to reassure Muslims that his speech was not referring to Muslim civilization. Moussaoui wrote that many French Muslims felt targeted by these statements and had turned to the CFCM about it.

Guéant answered that he was not speaking about any culture in particular, nor of fellow Muslim citizens who respect and completely adhere to the values of the Republic. Guéant added that he has no doubt that the CFCM shares the same values and the need to denounce, without ambiguity, systems and practices which are contrary to French fundamental principles, which allow each and every one to express themselves and live in freedom, equality and fraternity.