Dutch Report Identifies ‘Limited’ Terrorism Threat

3 October 2011

A report by Dutch counter-terrorism organization NCTb indicates that the country’s most significant terror threat comes from abroad, “where Muslim extremists see the country as a legitimate target because of insults to Islam”. Threat from Muslim extremists within the country remains low. Overall the report keeps the threat level at ‘minimal’.



The Minister of Security and Justice for the Netherlands has submitted their most recent Terrorist Threat Assessment, announcing that threat level for the country remains ‘limited’. Domestic threat from jihadist networks within the country is still low, and the Dutch remain active against violent radicalism and terrorism. While jihadists living in the Netherlands continue to attempt to travel to jihadist areas, few have succeeded in reaching these locations or in making connections with jihadist networks. The attacks in Norway have shown that domestic threat in western countries is not only a factor of jihadist terrorism; other ideological beliefs may also inspire terrorist violence.