Anti-Islam Dutch MP Travels to Canada

May 10 2011

Geert Wilders, the leader of the PVV well known for his outspoken comments against Islam, is giving a series of speeches in Canada. He has been invited to Canada by “conservative Christian organizations” and will speak at private engagements in Toronto and Ottawa, as well as in Nashville USA. During his first speech Wilders cited Canada’s role in liberating the Dutch from the Nazis in 1945 as his incentive to help to prevent Canada from “falling under the yoke of Islam”. Coverage by Radio Netherlands Worldwide cites comments from Tarek Fatah and Alia Hogben, prominent figures in Muslim communities in Canada; both reiterate that Wilders has a right to visit and speak freely. However Fatah warns that Wilders “poses the right questions but doesn’t give the right answers” and Hogben hopes that people will remain alert and “realize that he is associating with people who are narrow-minded, who are racists, who are bigots, who see the world in a very intolerant, narrow manner- as do some Muslims”.