Recruitment of Young Muslims to Fight in Afghanistan at Manchester’s Longsight Market


On Thursday, Manchester Crown Court heard that a group of radical Muslims, led by former Taliban fighter Munir Farooq, tried to recruit young Muslims to fight in a holy war in Afghanistan, starting at Farooq’s bookstall at Longsight Market in Manchester. As part of the group’s efforts, they tried to recruit two undercover police officers, who then infiltrated the group of radicals until November 2009.

Munir Farooq and his son Harris, 27, are accused to have turned their family house into a “production centre for propaganda” for radical Islam. They were supported by two more Muslim men, who worked at the market stall and were also involved in recruiting and radicalising the undercover officers. The four men are charged with disseminating terrorist publications, engaging in the preparation for acts of terrorism and soliciting murder. They deny all charges. The trial continues.