Canada gets passing grade in anti-radicalization fight

The Globe and Mail – March 10, 2011

Is Canada doing a better job of integrating Muslims and preventing Islamist extremism from taking root? Canadian officials speak of having done a relatively good job of fighting radicalization. These officials say subtle policy initiatives, including managing immigration flows and reaching out to Muslim communities, can make a huge difference.

Al-Qaeda and its adherents recruit Western acolytes by framing the U.S.-led invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan as aggression against Islam. Canada was named as a target by Osama bin Laden years ago, but it may be a lesser target today – the Canadian Forces never sent soldiers to Iraq and are now ratcheting down operations in Afghanistan. Whatever gains have been made in the fight against extremism of late, some Europeans, Americans and Canadians continue to flock to terrorist training camps in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia – prompting fears that at least some of their ranks will eventually return to attack the West.