Canadians involved in al-Qaeda training in Pakistan

The RCMP is investigating a claim that a dozen Canadians in al-Qaeda training camps in Pakistan are preparing to mount terror missions in Canada. The Hong Kong-based Asia Times Online reported Friday that “well-placed” Taliban sources say a group of Canadian militants is receiving jihadi training in al-Qaeda camps in North Waziristan for terror attacks in Canada.

12 Canadian men allegedly departed for Afghanistan last February and, after nine months there, al-Qaeda dispatched them to the Darpakhel area of North Waziristan in November. The 30-year-old Canadian head of the group, they say, converted to Islam in 2007, “sports a golden beard,” and goes by the alias Abu Shahid.

Several recently convicted Canadian terrorists followed Awlaki teachings, including members of the Toronto-18 terror group convicted of planning attacks on targets in Ontario. News reports in October said three young Winnipeg men ventured abroad in 2007 after first undergoing conversion to radical Islam. They were tracked to Waziristan.