Stockholm Bomber’s Mosque Website Carries Links to Extremist Preacher

19 December 2010

The website of the British mosque where the Stockholm bomber worshipped carries links to comments used to justify suicide attacks, and material expounding antisemitism and homophobia.

Preachers at the Luton Islamic Centre told last week how they had tackled Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly, 28, the suicide bomber who blew himself up in Stockholm last weekend, over his extremist views.

However, the centre’s website carries a link to a lecture by Dr Bilal Philips, a Muslim preacher who was barred from entering Britain by the home secretary in July because of his extremist views.

Philips’s speech includes a passage during which he says that a person who kills him or herself is motivated by different instincts to those of a suicide bomber. “When you look at the mind of the suicide bomber, it’s a different intention altogether,” he says. Suicide is generally considered to be against Islamic law.

Other contentious material found on the Luton Islamic Centre’s site includes one publication on its website last week called “gay history and gay pride” that expounded homophobic views such as “sodomy is one of the most repulsive acts, even observed among beasts”, and said homosexuals should be executed.

Another was called “the prophesy of the utter destruction of the yahood [Jews] will only occur at the hands of the true worshippers of Allaah” in which Jews who try to make peace are portrayed as deceivers.