Store changes policy on head coverings

A Richmond-based convenience-store, Fas Mart, chain says it has changed its practice of asking customers to remove hoodies and headgear after a Muslim woman complained of being denied service because of her headscarf.

Tralesha Faison, 33, a Frederickburg hairstylist, said she went to a Fredericksburg Fas Mart on Tuesday morning to buy personal hygiene items.

“When I walked into the store, the cashier, she asked me to remove my kimar, my scarf,” she said. “I told her I wear this for the sake of God,” she said. “She told me I had to take it off for her safety and security purposes.”

In a statement Thursday, Fas Mart, which operates 213 stores across seven states, called the incident “regrettable” and said it had suspended the clerk pending an investigation.