Halal-Related Advertising Grows in France with the Start of Ramadan

News Agencies – August 6, 2010
It’s food advertising with a halal twist – billboard posters that go blank in daylight hours during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Halal food distributor “Isla Delice” has launched posters on August 10 which show an empty table by day. By night, thanks to a clever back-lighting system, the posters change to become replete with delicious traditional Muslim foods. Isla Delice’s advertising line is Fièrement halal (“Proud to be halal”). Some 6,000 other billboards promoting their meats are on display throughout France.
Halal is a huge industry in France, worth around 5.5 billion Euros in 2010 and growing by 15 percent each year. Some 90 percent of France’s five million Muslims eat Halal food. “Mainstream halal advertising campaigns have been about for barely a year,” says Abbas Bendali, head of Solis, an organization that observes ethnic marketing trends in France. “Halal advertising is accelerating.”

Ramadan begins in France

News Agencies – August 11, 2010
These articles detail the announcement made by Mohammed Moussaoui, president of the CFCM (French Council of the Muslim Faith) at the Mosque of Paris of the beginning of Ramadan in France. Le Monde and Libération report that in 2009, approximately 70% of French Muslims fasted for the month. Le Monde also features an article chronicling the daily observances of French Muslims during the month.

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