Four Month Old Student Field Trip to a Mosque Causes Controversy—Wellesley Massachusetts

Students were taken to a mosque last spring, where five boys participated in a prayer service at the Islamic Society of Boston mosque in Roxbury.

The superintendent says the trip was for part of a sixth grade social studies class called “Enduring Beliefs in the World Today.” The course includes lessons on different world religions.

A video, put together by the group Americans for Peace and Tolerance, recently emerged online of the trip. One of the female chaperons recorded video of the service, and she claims all the girls and female chaperons on the trip were asked to leave the prayer area and boys were then asked to join in the prayer. Many are questioning the timing of the release of the video.

“They just walked forward got in the line. No one told them to. No one asked them to. You know how little boys are,” said mosque member David Curran.