UK religious leaders condemn Koran burning

10 September 2010
After 9/11, and after 7/7, the Ahmadiyya community based in Morden in Surrey invited the news media to film a cross-community condemnation of intolerance and hatred. In light of the furore caused by Pastor Terry Jones in Florida, who had announced to burn Korans on 11 September, the Ahmadiyya community once more invited people of different faiths to a common service condemning extremism. Local religious leaders and councillors “made a stand for reason and tolerance”.
Jewish, Catholic, C of E, Bahaai and other Christian denominations all took part in an event for the cameras, as well as an American Embassy official. They made statements condemning Terry Jones’ threats to burn the Koran. Some quoted the Bible, others referred to Nazi book burnings. The Reverend Andrew Wakefield — well known as a contributor to “Thought for the Day” – acknowledged that in the face of the Florida panic, perhaps faith leaders needed to make more effort to convey through the news media the extent of interfaith community cohesion. At least 8,000 people attended Friday service, discussing how to fight hatred with prayer.