Apparent anti-semitic attack in Nimes, France

A man suspected of playing a major role in the attack of an elderly Jewish man in southern France is being held for questioning by police. The “No. 1 suspect” in a May 2 attack in the town of Nimes on a 78-year-old Jewish man was arrested and is being questioned, a Nimes police commissioner, Yannick Janas, told the French news agency AFP. The suspect, whose name was not released, is in his 30s and lives in the area. The victim was attacked with tear gas not far from his synagogue. One of the synagogue doors was vandalized with the words “F— the Jew” in French slang. Police are looking for two other suspects who were seen on video surveillance cameras posted outside the synagogue.

Surveillance cameras in Nimes allowed authorities to partly follow the path of the three suspects as they fled, providing law enforcement with “convincing” leads into the investigation, police told reporters. The attack in Nimes came a couple of days after another attack in Strasbourg