Muslims treated better in Switzerland than in Europe

In an interview with two German-language newspapers (“Tages-Anzeiger” and “Bund”), Muslim intellectual and Oxford professor Tariq Ramadan stated that “most Muslims in Switzerland come from the Balkans, have been here for quite some time, and have integrated well into society.” According to him, despite the minaret ban the situation of Muslims in Switzerland is significantly better than in most European countries, especially at the local level; however, the national level will take more time.

Ramadan does not believe there to be any opposition between being a practicing Muslim and a European citizen, and he considers that through the integration of Muslims in Switzerland, Islam has now become a Swiss religion as well. He also noted the prudent responses of Swiss Muslims in reaction to the minaret ban, and said that the relatively modest religious significance of the minaret may explain why there was not a more general outcry from the Muslim world, as had been expected.

Finally with regard to the Libyan affair, he believes that the arrest of Hannibal Gaddafi was justified, as this demonstrated that in Switzerland the law applies to everyone. On the other hand, according to him the apologies of Federal Councilor Metz were a sign of weakness.