Mosque conflict in Sevilla

The conflict about the building of a mosque in Sevilla began five years ago. All this time the Muslim community has been trying to find a place to build a large mosque. The current location is planned for the San Jerónimo neighborhood, the third of three options proposed by the city Council.

Neighbors of San Jeronimo organized a demonstration against the building of a large mosque in their neighborhood. The demonstration, which took place on November 12, had more than 1,000 people in the streets against the mosque. More recently, on December 15, the neighbors’ “Platform for Coexistence and Tolerance in San Jeronimo” organized, with the support of IU (left-wing party), another demonstration. 500 people attended this event to demonstrate against racism and xenophobia in the neighborhood.

The PP (right-wing party) has criticised the city council (governed by the socialist party) for its support of the second demonstration and for the cost of the mosque conflict. For their part, the residents opposed to the construction of the mosque defend themselves against the accusations of racism and xenophobia launched by the Platform for Coexistence and Tolerance in San Jeronimo.