Europe: Survey says 31 percent of Muslims in Europe suffer discrimination

A survey of ethnic minorities in Europe says that 31 percent of Muslims across the EU feel that they were discriminated against in 2008, and many fail to report racist incidents because of a lack of trust in the authorities. The report was compiled by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) and surveyed 23,500 members of ethnic minorities and migrant communities in Europe. It collated the opinions of Muslims living in 14 European nations and minorities in general from the 27 EU member states. It found that about 30 percent of the discrimination cases occurred when Muslims were looking for work or at work, while 14 percent took place in restaurants, bars, or dealings with landlords. “The high levels of discrimination in employment are worrying,” FRA director Morten Kjaerum said. “Employment is a key part of the integration process. The survey found that 81 percent of those interviewed did not report discriminatory acts, largely because they believed that reporting them would not do anything. The report also found that wearing traditional or religious clothing does not increase discrimination. And most of the Muslims surveyed did not consider religion as the main reason for discrimination. Only ten percent of Muslims who experienced prejudice said this was solely due to their religious beliefs while over half of the respondents felt their ethnic origin was the reason for the discrimination. A full report can be read at the last link below.