Iranian Refugee Charged with Four Years in Prison for Attack

A so-called Muslim-hating Iranian refugee who nearly killed a dentist was sentenced to four years in prison. Alberta provincial court judge, Mike Allen, noted that Mohammadreza Gholamrezazadehshirai, 46, and others like him must be deterred from engaging in violent acts spurred by racial bias and religious intolerance. In October 2007, Gholamrezazadehshirazi walked into the Affinity Dental Clinic in Edmonton with a severe toothache, and while treated, claimed the staff were worse that the religious leaders in Iran, returning to attack dentist Fathi-Afshar with a broken bottle, nearly killing him. Judge Allen claims the accused expressed strong hatred toward Muslims and assumed that the dentist was a Muslim. Allen called the sentence merciful as Gholamrezazadehshirai pleaded guilty, does not have a criminal record and was suffering from depression at the time of the attack.